NCC's mission team to Thessaloniki, Athens, and Corinth


Team at PhilippiToday we traveled.  A lot.

We kicked off the day by piling into a rented bus for a trip to Philippi.  We joined up with a missions team from Evangel University which is working with the iHeart Cafe and made the 4-hour roundtrip trek.  There we explored the remains of an ancient Roman forum and two basilicas, in addition to visiting the museum on site.  We then headed over to Lydia’s Pool, to see the place where tradition says Paul baptized Lydia, the first Christian convert in Europe.  We checked out an Orthodox chapel nearby, then stopped by an overlook over the city of Kavala, which would have been a much more scenic view if it wasn’t raining.

We then headed back to Thessaloniki in time to catch the train for a 7-hour ride to Athens.  We’ve checked into our hotel and visited the roof for an incredible view of the Acropolis at night.  It’s now 2am so that’s about it for today’s update.

Tomorrow we have a 4-hour tour of Athens (with the legendary Voula), some missions filming, and a bit of free time.  Can’t wait!

Philippi Basilica B

Philippi Basilica B

Lydia's Pool

Lydia's Pool

Orthodox Chapel

Orthodox Chapel


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