NCC's mission team to Thessaloniki, Athens, and Corinth

Raising Awareness

Passing out FlyersAfter spending a couple days learning about the issue of human trafficking, today we took action.  As Phil reminded us several times, the problem would be 80% solved simply if everyone knew about the issue, so raising awareness was the order of the day.

After circling up at the iHeart Café, we divided up into teams and headed over to Thessaloniki’s two major universities, one of which is larger than America’s largest university.  Together, the Aristotle and Makedonia Universities make up 1% of the population of Thessaloniki.  Our teams spread throughout the different schools of the universities, engaging students in conversation to tell them about human trafficking and the A21 Campaign, as well as inviting them to a Uno competition (yep, everyone in Greece knows how to play Uno, too) in support of the A21 Campaign at the iHeart Café tonight.  We made contact with the professor of a Criminal Diplomacy class who would like the A21 folks to come talk to his class, so that was a major win!

Uno CompetitionWe’d planned some other outreach efforts for the day, but they were circumvented by the weather (after promising to rain all week, it finally did so today).

Tonight, we gathered at the iHeart Café for the Uno competition, which was won by our very own Amanda Giobbi.  We then headed back to our hotel for a final debrief with Phil and Nina.

Tomorrow it’s off to Philippi to visit Biblical and early church historical sites, then we’re catching the train to Athens.  Let the Biblical (and classical) history education begin!

Uno Competition at iHeart Cafe

Uno Competition at iHeart Cafe

Team Debrief

Team Debrief


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