NCC's mission team to Thessaloniki, Athens, and Corinth

Sing to Show You Care… aoke!

Before heading overseas, Team Greece 2012 hosted a night of karaoke at Ebenezers Coffeehouse to raise funds for the A21 Campaign.  Thanks to all who came and gave! (Those who couldn’t attend but would like to support A21 can do so directly here.)

After seeing some of the karaoke antics, we considered raising additional funds by using pictures from the event to blackmail participants, but then we realized the crazy ones all seemed to be of Team Greece member Jason Chandler, so that scheme wouldn’t work.  Plus we didn’t want to deprive the world of such photographic wonders.  Enjoy!

Amanda and Jason singing karaoke

Jason and Michael singing karaoke

Team Greece members who lasted until the end of karaoke


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