NCC's mission team to Thessaloniki, Athens, and Corinth

Food, Glorious Food!

Greek dessertIf you haven’t guessed, Team Greece 2012 has been eagerly anticipating the food here in Thessaloniki.  Well, tonight’s dinner with the folks from The A21 Campaign, Philadelphia Church, and iHeart Cafe did not disappoint!  We ate until we were stuffed — and then found out the main course hadn’t even been served yet!  Glorious!

Those of us who decided to feast instead of fast while we’re in Greece are very thankful we did so. Looking forward to what culinary delights tomorrow holds!

Greek food

Saturday dinner with A21 #2Of course, it was also awesome connecting with the folks who are here on the ground in Thessaloniki, hearing some of their stories and the passion they bring to the issue of human trafficking — as well as the obstacles they face.  It will be awesome working with them in the week to come!

In addition to the 14 members of our team, there were about 18 others at dinner, including full-time staff and interns from all over the world who work for the A21 Campaign in Thessaloniki.

Saturday night dinner with A21

Tomorrow morning we’ll be worshipping at the Philadelphia Church where a certain Pastor Heather Zempel will be delivering the sermon (please pray for the unfortunate Greek woman who will be translating her into Greek and trying to keep up!).  After that we’re headed off on a tour of Thessaloniki with Tony Sebastian, the founder of iHeart Cafe.


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